Dec. 27, 2002   The last results of 2002
Dec. 12, 2002   Austrian (???) wins GIPF WC
Little Golem
Albido became the first DVONN-Rabit
Nov. 19, 2002   Online DVONN Guild
New GIPF Clubs in NL?
Oct. 24, 2002   DVONN "Game of the Year" in the USA
GIPF WC in Leuven, Belgium
Oct. 8, 2002   No 5th game yet ...
Sept. 9, 2002   Project GIPF by E-mail on GamesByMail
DVONN nominated for Dutch Games Award
July 21, 2002   ZF1: a program to analyse ZÈRTZ
E-ZERTZ with 11 additional rings
MSO6 without GIPF and ZÈRTZ WC's
June 10, 2002   DVONN receives a Gamers' Choice Award
GIPF & ZÈRTZ results in NY...
GIPF & DVONN results...
"Le Maître" take the lead in the Dutch GRC
April 16, 2002  

DVONN goes well...
EGO grows...
DVONNERS, the game is online !

April 2, 2002   Results ZÈRTZ & GIPF event in Leuven
ZÈRTZ & DVONN on Richard's PBeM Server
DVONN in the "Brettspielwelt"
March 18, 2002   DVONN and GIPF computer program competitions?
No GRC in Belgium this year
Febr. 24, 2002   DVONN soon playable online?
1st heat of the Dutch GRC 2002
Mreitz wins ZÈRTZ by e-mail tournament


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