March 18 , 2002
GIPF & DVONN computer program competitions?

The CMG 7th Computer Olympiad is a multi-games event in which all of the participants are computer programs. The purpose is to find the strongest programs at each of the games, partly as an academic exercise and partly because the competitions are fun. This year's Computer Olympiad takes place from July 5 to 11 and will be played at the Universiteit Maastricht, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Find out all about the event on the Computer Olympiad site.
The games on last year's program: Amazons, Awari, Backgammon, Bridge, Chess [the 10th World Computer Chess Championship], Chinese Chess, 8x8 Draughts, 10x10 Draughts, Gipf, Go, Hex, Lines of Action, Othello, Poker, Scrabble, and Shogi.
There were 2 entries for the GIPF tournament: kvdb's GF1 and Diederik Wentink's Gipfted. This first A.I. batttle was won by GF1 with 6 - 2. Does anybody feel like challenging GF1 and/or Gipfted?
As far as we know, 3 Belgians and 1 German are each working on a DVONN Program. That doesn't means that all 4 of them will finish what they started, but, nonetheless, it opens a door... If there are more Einsteins working on a DVONN program, we will take contact with the organizers of the Computer Olympiad and propose to put DVONN on their schedule. DVONN was released only a couple of months ago, so everybody has equal chances.
If you are interested, take contact with the GIPF centre ASAP.

No GRC in Belgium this year

EGO organizes a GIPF Regularity Contest 2002 in The Netherlands. Since quite a few of the regular Belgian Gipfers played the first heat of the Dutch GRC and also plan to play the second heat, running a similar contest in Belgium too would overload the program. The GIPF Centre will concentrate on other events, such as the 6th Antwerp Open GIPF, the 2nd Project GIPF weekend and things like that.


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