November 19 , 2002
Online DVONN Guild

Some may already have found it out by themselves: a DVONN Guild has been founded within Brettspielwelt, the German games portal where plenty of games can be played online. Amongst which DVONN, indeed. Andrea Timm (alias Kartoffel) took the initiative to create a platform for the DVONN community. Her intention is to inspire more visitors of Brettspielwelt to start playing DVONN (which is - we all agree about that - a very noble act). A first Guild-activity is already planned: on Sunday, November 24, a tournament for DVONN-beginners will take place. Indeed, that is the same day as the GIPF WC. That's not too bad, because this offers to all who will not participate at the GIPF WC a good alternative to spend the 24th of November in another pleasant way. Read all about the "First Contact" DVONN Tournament on the Guild's home page.

Note: the Guild has a section in English !!!

New GIPF Clubs in NL ?

Two *very* brave Gipfers will try to set up two new Project GIPF clubs in The Netherlands:
1. Fred Kok will try to get GOA (GIPF Organisatie Amsterdam-en-omstreken) on track. (Apart from that, Fred is also working on the 2nd edition of the "GIPF Magazine". Sorry folks, only for Dutch reading Gipfers...)
2. John Van Schaik is doing what he can to start ZASO (Zeister Abstracte Spellen Organisatie)
Soon detailed information about these two initiatives will be put on the CLUBS-page. For the time being you can send a message to the Antwerp GIPF-centre if you want to contact Fred and/or John.

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