June 10, 2002

DVONN receives a Gamers' Choice Award

San Marco, Dvonn and Wilderness War have been presented with the 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards by the Strategy Gaming Society (SGS), the oldest continuous gaming organization in the United States. Greg J. Schloesser, SGS's chairman, states:"The awards were created to recognize outstanding games and game designers and to promote the board game industry throughout the world."

To be eligible for the 2002 Gamers' Choice Awards, a game had to be released during the 2001 calendar year. The winners were announced on June 3, 2002. The international jury of SGS is "proud and excited to announce that DVONN was chosen as best in the General Strategy, 2-Player Game category. Like classic games such as chess and Go, Dvonn has simple rules but strategies and tactics that provide great depth and excitement."

Having received this award is a *fantastic* recognition and we're sure that it will help to complete the Project GIPF series.

GIPF & ZÈRTZ results in NY...

This item should be motivating news. At least, that's what it certainly was to us. We know that Hans Trapman is working on a similar project in The Netherlands, but we hope that many more will be inspired by the following:

The Notre Dame Math Club, moderated by Mr. Robert Smith and Mr. Mike Sherman, organized a GIPF and a ZÈRTZ tournament in Notre Dame High School, Elmira, New York (USA). Both tournaments were part of the so called "Quad Tournament Challenge" and they were open to all of the students in the school. The basic format consisted of four separate tournaments using games that were introduced to the math club over the course of the year. The other two games were Set and Rocks.
Students could choose which tournaments they wanted to enter. 32 students signed up to participate with 14 of those entering all four tournaments.

Mr. Mike Sherman explained: "Each tournament is being played with a double elimination format, playing one round per week over the course of four or five weeks. In addition, the winners of each individual tournament, along with the top 4 performers using the combined results of the four tournaments, will advance to a 'Championship Tournament' where participants will play the same opponent in all four games, plus Dvonn. The player winning matches in 3 of the 5 games will advance. Since Dvonn is just now being introduced to the students it was not played as an individual tournament."

16 students signed up to play GIPF. One player withdrew during the first round. The semi finalists were Will Arnold, Mike Bermingham, Shawn Lee and Jared Chaffee. Will Arnold (from the beginning one of the favourites) won his semi final against Shawn Lee. He kept his rhythm going and floored Jared Chaffee in the final and, thus, won the tournament.

23 students signed up for the ZÈRTZ tournament (with one withdrawel). The matches were decided by the best 2 of 3 games. Shawn Lee defeated Kevin Weber 2 out of 3 games to take 3rd place. Will Arnold -- he again -- also won the ZÈRTZ tournament by beating Lucas Carmalt. In a later stage Will also won the overall title of the championship. Congratulations!

Thanks to all students who participated and to the moderators Mr. Robert Smith and Mr. Mike Sherman.

GIPF & DVONN results...

- Jix Demerco (some say he and not Kris Burm has designed GIPF) has won the second heat of the Dutch GRC 2002. Jix won 5 games in a row. Patrick Van de Perre became second with 4 wins. Boris Ammerlaan and Angelo Wentzler shared the third place with 3 points each.

- Lammskeule became the winner of the first DVONN online tournament. He's one of the strong players that frequent Brettspielwelt quite often and, as such, he had to be considered as one of the top favourites. Well, he lived up to his status convincingly! He left DVONN (a player with such a nickname must have been another top favourite, thus no surprise that he/she reached the final, too!) no chance in a best-of-5-final and won with a straight 3-0 score. In total Lammskeule won 10 of his 11 games.

"Le Maître" takes the lead in Dutch GRC 2002

Patrick "Le Maître" Van de Perre - one of the most consistent players and the current number 2 of on the ranking list - is the new leader after 2 GRC heats. He has created a gap of 3 points, but that looks more than it really is. At the end of the ride each player's best 3 results will be taken into the final calculations. So, with 2 more heats to go, everything is still possible.

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