April 2, 2002
Results ZÈRTZ & GIPF event in Leuven

Michael Reitz (D) had already won the ZÈRTZ e-mail tournament on Richard's PBeM server, but he always came a bit short when playing in real time. This time Michael lived up to his status: he won 6 out of 7 games and grabbed his first *real* title convincingly. The Belgians battled for the places 2 to 8.
For the cross table, go to the complete results.

The last GIPF tournaments had all been dominated by Kurt Van den branden, Patrick Van de Perre and Werner Dupont. That was also the case in Leuven, but they got company... After having experimented for years with plenty of GIPF-pieces - with mixed results - André De Laet changed his strategy drastically about half a year ago: suddenly he started playing with only 2 GIPF-pieces, and shortly after that with only one. Risky, but he always seems to find a way to have that sole GIPF save and tries to make sure that he has always more pieces in reserve that his opponents. And it seems to work - at leats, for him. He became one of the hardest to beat, which resulted this time in a shared first place with Kurt, Patrick and Werner.
More in the GIPF results section.

ZÈRTZ & DVONN on Richard's PBeM Server

When playing ZÈRTZ in a tournament, 11 rings are added to the board - as most will know by now. Kurt Van den Branden has written a *supplement* that will make it possible to play ZÈRTZ with extra rings on Richard's PBeM server. The testing goes well, so it may be expected that the extended version will be made available on the server soon. All the games played with extra rings will be taken into a separate rating list.
Note: to learn how to play ZÈRTZ we advise to start with the standard board, i.e. with only 37 rings.

The last weeks a few e-mails came in from people asking when DVONN will be playable on Richard's PBeM server. David Glaude, a guy from Brussels, is working on a program. A few more dudes have let us know to be willing to write such a program. We'll be able to tell more about what exactly is going to happen soon.

DVONN in the "Brettspielwelt"
In spite of Tobias Lang's and Sebastian Mellin's efforts, the program that will make it possible to play Dvonn on Brettspielwelt didn't get ready as planned. It's release is postponed with 2 weeks. It is now scheduled for April 14, at exactly 20:00 h. You may start counting down.


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