October 24, 2002
DVONN "Game of the Year" in the USA

Fantastic news reached us from America. Each year since 1980, the monthly games and puzzle revue GAMES Magazine publishes its Games Top 100. On this list you'll find their best picks in different categories. For example: GIPF and ZÈRTZ have been selected as "Best Abstract Strategy Game" in 1999 and 2001. But apart from recognizing the favorites in each category with a special Best designation, it also selects one game from the whole list to receive their highest honor of "Game of the Year". This time DVONN has been pointed out as their overall winner !!!

John J. McCallion: "DVONN is an absolutely divine game!"

No need to tell that this award came to us as a complete surprise. It rarely happens that an abstract game succeeds in beating games with a theme - amongst which exellent ones like Puerto Rico, Mexica, Villa Paletti and Pueblo. We are *very* proud of this award.

You can find the complete Games Top 100 list on the site of Funagain Games.

GIPF WC in Leuven

The first three GIPF WC's took place during the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) in London. This year we knew too late about the 6th edition of the MSO, and, to make it even more dificult, the event appreared to be moved to a place outside London, so that we could not go there to run the tournament.

For a while it looked as if there was not going to be a World Championship this year. But then Christof Nuyttens stood up again. He couldn't settle for a year without
a GIPF WC and - brave man! - he took the initiative to get it to his beloved hometown Leuven. It will be organised in cooperation with the local games clubs De Speelduivel and Tamske on the one hand, and Games Shop Speelgoed Mertens on the other hand.

Gipfers, note down: GIPF WC on Sunday, November the 24th in Leuven, Belgium. Read all the details in the Agenda.

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