September 9, 2002

Project GIPF by E-mail on GamesByMail

Laurent Devigne (Canada) has set up a new server where you can play games by e-mail. His first and most important goal is to make it a place where you can play "Project GIPF". That is: apart from GIPF, TAMSK, ZÈRTZ and DVONN as separate games, you'll eventually also get the possibility to play with the the different potentials, and even the possibility to combine the games. Now, that is an ambitious plan! And something to look forward to very much! For the moment the server already has engines to play ZERTZ and DVONN (DVONN in three different versions and ZÈRTZ with, respectively, 37, 40, 43, 44, 48 and 61 rings) and they function well. There's still a lot to be done and still a lot of features to be added, but an amazing amount of work has been done yet. The main reason why Laurent Devigne started to build his GamesByMail server, was because he wanted to make it possible to play by e-mail through board representations in JPG format.

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DVONN nominated for Dutch Games Award

The Nederlandse Spellenprijs (in English something like: the Dutch Games Award) was awarded for the first time in 2001 and can, in a way, be compared with the Deusche Spiele Preis. First a jury puts together a list with nominated games, and next the players get two months to vote for their favourite game. The game that receives most votes, gets the "Nederlandse Spellenprijs". As such, the award is a kind of popularity poll. No chance to win such a poll with an abstract game for 2 players, nonetheless this nomination is yet another recognition of DVONN on particular, but also of Project GIPF as a whole.

The other nominees are: Cartagena (winning Moves), Medina (999 Games), Mexica (Ravensburger), North & South (Phalanx Games), Pueblo (Ravensburger) en StreetSoccer (Cwali). The winner will be announced during Het Spellenspektakel / Games Spectacular in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1, 2 and 3 November).

If you understand Dutch, you may want to go to Nederlandse Spellenprijs for more info.


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