October 8, 2002

No 5th game yet ...

The yearly games fair in Essen, Germany, is coming closer rapidly. This should have been exciting days, because if everything would have gone as planned we would be counting down for the release of ".....", being the 5th game of Project GIPF. Unfortunately, things rarely go as normal, so there will be no fifth game in Essen yet. Even worse, it will not be ready for the fair in Nürnberg (Feb. 2003) either.

But there's no reason to panic.
The design of what may become the 5th game is ready. However, a number of reasons keep us from releasing it this Autumn, of which the main ones are: no budget (ayayay!!!) and uncertainties about the eventual number of games and potentials in Project GIPF. Will the Project in the end consist of 5, 6 or 7 games? Four have been published yet, that is already more than half the number we have initially announced. Before publishing the next game, we must first decide how the Project will be finished. And for that we need time - a *lot* of time, because the only way to make up our mind, is through playing. In particular the use of the potentials must be tested thoroughly. And we don't expect to be ready with the testing in time to get game 5 ready for Nürnberg either... So, little other choice than to aim for Essen next year!

We will, of course, have our normal Project GIPF stand during "Spiel 02" in Essen again. We shall focus on the already existing games and sincerley hope to generate a few more passionate Project Gipfers. Apart from that, we will also present 2 games of which most may think that they have disappearded, but they didn't: Invers and Tashkent Domino (the version with 25 dice). Two excellent games, the remainders of the Peri Spiele editions. Those who don't know these games yet: pop in! We're in Hall 9, booth 44.

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