December 27, 2002
The last results of 2002
Heat 4/4 of the Dutch GRC 2002
Ad Rovers is for the moment the strongest Dutch GIPF-player - and if not, he for sure is the strongest EGO-member. He has won more than half of the EGO-leagues, but when he had to face the Belgiam top-players, he always came just a bit short. This time he scored a strike! 5 wins out of 5 games. There were only 8 participants, but that does not mean that he got the victory for free. Kurt Vandenbranden and Patrick Van de Perre were present - as most will know: two of the strongest Belgian Gipfers - and Ad floorded them both.
Go to the GIPF results to get all the details.

Final standings GRC 2002

The competition was not as fears as the previous years. Not even half as much players as in 2001, and the reason for that was (probably) that all 4 heats of this year's edition took place at the same location in the Netherlands. For the moment there are still more people playing GIPF in Belgium than in Holland and for the Belgians it appeared not evident to go 4 times in one year to Utrecht. So, for the GIPF Regularity Contest 2003 we will go back to last year's formula: 4 different spots, 2 in Belgium and 2 the Netherlands. Anyway, this year Patrick Van de Perre was far beyond doubt the strongest player. He won 18 out of 20 games played. So, no matter which formula we'll use in 2003, he'll be the man to beat!

DVONN Online tournament
Torben has won the "ALIVE" tournament on Brettspielwelt (BSW) with 7 straight wins and, by doing so, he became the first "Hawk". A Hawk can become a "Tiger", and a Tiger can duel to become the ultimate thing: a "Dragon". But there can only be *one* Dragon, so whoever becomes Dragon, he or she'll have to defend the title again and again and again...
Go to the DVONN-Guild on BWS, to its results section for more details.

Congratulations to all!

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