Dec. 5, 2001   The first Project GIPF Champion
GIPF in The Netherlands
Nov. 13, 2001   Project GIPF weekend
"Le Maître" wins Open Dutch Championship GIPF
2001 is Kurt Vandenbranden's year
Oct. 29, 2001   Results of the Online GIPF Puzzle Contest
DVONN without DVONN-potentials
Oct. 1, 2001   Standings GRC 2001 after 3 rounds
Sept. 19, 2001   DVONN est arrivée
GIPF Set 2 will be ready for "Spiel 2001" in Essen
Sept. 1, 2001   On line GIPF puzzle contest
MSO 5: titles for Kok, Dupont and Nuyttens
"GF1" stronger than "Gipfted"
ZÈRTZ e-mail tournament
July 31, 2001   MSO 5: the tournament schedules
DVONN on track; GIPF Set 2 uncertain…
GIPF Club in Montreal, Canada
July 5, 2001   GIPF, ZČRTZ and POTENTIALS in London
Computer GIPF Tournament in Einhoven (NL)
EGO: results second RR GIPF-tournament
"Scat" writes about ZČRTZ strategy
June 10, 2001
  MSO London takes place!
Results GIPF & ZERTZ tournaments in "Leuven"
Standings GRC 2001
ZERTZ e-mail tournament
May 23, 2001

  MSO back on track !!!
GIPF & ZERTZ ranking tournaments in "Leuven"
GIPF-demo in Utrecht
The winner of the MSO GIPF Championship in Japan
Project GIPF weekend in November
April 29, 2001
The name is DVONN…
… and it is on its way…
… and the DVONN-potentials, too!


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