May 23, 2001

MSO back on track !!!

David Levy, the main man behind the Mind Sports Organisation (the organization behind the Mind Sports Olympiads) just announced in a press release that the works goes on! The title of the press release is: "Life after death". That's how bad it was… But MSO has a future again:"It has now been resurrected." Read all about it on the MSO site.
This is fantastic news for everybody who fancies abstract games - and even better news for those who don't know yet that they'll fancy abstract games in the future. The first MSO took place in London in 1997. Meanwhile MSO-events have been organized in Korea, Japan, Singapore and Italy. A MSO is coming up in the Czech Republic and many more will follow. If abstract games have a chance not only to survive but also to regain a more popular status, then events like MSO are and will be a key factor.
Gipfers, even though it isn't 100 % sure yet that there will be an MSO 5 in London this summer, act as if it were already sure. That may sound a bit idiotic, nonetheless it could also been seen as an attitude that supports the event; look at it as a GIPF-way of "keeping your fingers crossed". So, start sharpening your wits for the second GIPF WC. It will take place during fifth annual Mind Sports Olympiad! MSO 5 is tentatively scheduled to take place at Alexandra Palace in London, from 18-27 August 2001. Be patient just a bit longer; more details will follow as soon as the organisers will start working on the program.

GIPF & ZERTZ ranking tournaments in "Leuven"
A special day is coming closer rapidly: Monday, June 4. Christof Nuyttens and Nico Foqué, in collaboration with games club "Speelduivel" and games shop "Mertens", have planned two Project GIPF events on one and the same day! In the morning the first official ZÈRTZ tournament will rake place, and in the afternoon a GIPF ranking tournament (which is, apart from a ranking tournament in its own right, also the second heat of the GIPF Regularity Contest 2001). You'll find all the details in the Agenda.

GIPF-demo in Utrecht
Reminder: the people of the EGO (Eindhovense GIPF Organisatie) will be demoing GIPF during the coming Ducosim Convention in Utrecht, in the "Jaarbeurs", close to the Central Station, from 10:00 until 18:00. This is a perfect opportunity either to learn how to play GIPF or to practice against the EGO-members.
More info in the Agenda.

The winner of the MSO GIPF Championship in Japan
Osamu Omodera became the winner of the GIPF Champioship during MSO Japan. He did get a well deserved gold medal AND a ticket to London, to participate at the 2nd GIPF WC. More details about the championship in the Results-section.

Project GIPF weekend in November
Take a red marker and note down in your agenda: November 24 & 25, 2001. Don & Co hired a complete Youth Hostel-like complex in the middle of green environment to organize a gathering of Project GIPF minded Ladies & Gentlemen. It is not decided yet what the program will be, except for one thing: the 5th Open GIPF tournament will take place then and there!


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