July 31, 2001

MSO 5: The Tournament Schedules

The program of MSO 5 has been put on line, including the schedules for the different tournaments and championships. As you must know by now: MSO 5 takes place from August 18th until August 27th (GIPF + TAMSK-potentials on August 24, the 2nd GIPF WC on August 25, and the 1st ZČRTZ WC on August 26). The place to be: South Bank University, 210 Wandsworth Road, London.
Go to the Agenda for more details or check out the MSO website.

DVONN on track, GIPF SET 2 uncertain…

The production of DVONN goes well. Everything is about sorted out -- on schedule, so far no problems, knock on wood! -- so the game should be ready to be released in the first half of September.
However, it was announced that GIPF Set 2 was going to be ready for the Fair in Essen also (18-21 Oct.) but that may not be the case. This is not a matter of time, but -- as many may already have guessed -- of financial resources. Don & Co, being independent again, cannot afford to include free potentials in the DVONN-box, as was the case with TAMSK and ZČRTZ. Since there was little interest in GIPF Set 1 (containing 12 TAMSK-potentials), the print run of a second Set (containing 12 ZČRTZ- and 12 DVONN-potentials) would be just a small quantity, which would make the set too expensive. We are working on it, though, and are doing whatever we can to see that GIPF Set 2 will exist as soon as possible.
More news about this in a few weeks…

GIPF club in Montreal, Canada

Good news reached us from Canada: Francis K. Lalumičre founded the GIPF-Montreal Club. He and a few others are building a group, whose members meet to play and discuss the games of Project GIPF. Their plan is to gather once every month and to launch a series of tournaments in Montreal. So, if you live, let's say, somewhere in North-America and you want to be initiated in GIPF, TAMSK and/or ZČRTZ, or if you feel the urge to play GIPF in an organised environment, here's what you can do: send a word to GIPF_montreal@yahoo.com.


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