Sept. 29, 2001

DVONN est arrivée
Since it makes no sense to remain paralized by the terrible things that have happened recently in the US, I have permitted myself to be happy with DVONN. Later than initially planned, however still in 2001, the fourth game of Project GIPF is a fact. It has arrived! It exists! In these dark times it has given me - I strictly speak for myself - something to be a bit enthusiastic about again.
The distribution has started in Europe - read: Belgium and Germany - and on a small scale. So it won't be easy to find it but we'll do our best to expand the territory. The Rio Grande Games edition will arrive in North America in about 1 month.

GIPF Set 2 will be ready for "Spiel 2001"
As you probably know by now, there will be no free DVONN-potentials in de DVONN box. That was, unfortunately, not possible. But to let the Project go on, they had to be made available. The only way to make that happen was to look at it as a stew: a bit of pieces from the left, a few boxes from the right, printing and copying at the office, and a few volunteers to *finish* the product in the storehouse. In other words: all ingredients are there to speak about a true limited edition: 500 Sets, home made. It will contain 12 ZÈRTZ-potentials, 12 DVONN-potentials, and 12 extra ZÈRTZ rings. The adviced retail price in Europe will be 10 Euro. We have good hope that the cooking will be ready in about one month.


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