ZRTZ is a fast, dynamic game for 2 players. It is played with 5 white, 7 grey and 9 black marbles on a board that gets smaller and smaller. The aim is to capture either 3 white, 4 grey or 5 black marbles, or 2 marbles of each color. To capture you must jump with a marble over another marble. Sounds easy? Not when you know that both players play with the same marbles. And because the board that gets smaller with every move, you and your opponent are forced towards a tense situation in which any move could be the crucial one So, be careful: if you create a trap for your opponent at the wrong moment, you may well face the consequences yourself!

Some of the words about ZRTZ

Our best abstract strategy game of the year affords exceptional opportunities for strategic exploration and discovery.

Mitch Tomashow in THE GAMES JOURNAL (USA)
It's short, original, elegant and deep, and worthy of the attention of anyone who is interested in abstract games.

Stephen Tavener in GAMES GAMES GAMES (GB)
This seemingly simple game offers lots of depth, and really feels like nothing else on the market.

Andreas Keirat in SPIELPHASE (D)
Zertz ist ein hervorragendes abstraktes Spiel fr 2 Personen.

Jason Stone in the BOARDGAMEGEEK (USA)
ZRTZ has a level of excitement that is normally lacking in abstract strategy games. I give it a solid 10 on a 1 to 10 scale.

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