January 15, 2004
TAMSK and GIPF Set 1 out of print

Not so good news: we ran completely out of TAMSK and GIPF Set 1. One can still find a game of TAMSK at certain places (e.g. in some e-shops) , but I doubt whether it is still possible to track down a GIPF Set 1 somewhere. We are really sorry for that. But there is a reason, of course. The demand for GIPF Sets 1 and 2 is very modest - to say the least. So, we have to work with very limited editions and that makes them quite expensive. And if they are expensive, then even less people are intereted in them. Any way, we are currently assemling 250 new Sets 1, so they should become available again in February, the latest in March.

TAMSK is a bigger problem - unfortunately. As most of you will know: TAMSK is considered the weaker game of Project GIPF (some - amongst which I count myself - will not agree with that, but that is of no importance here). On top of that, it is also by far the most expensive game of the series. These are the two reasons why TAMSK is selling slow. Now, if TAMSK is an expensive game to buy, then it is also an expensive game to produce. We are trying to set up a reprint, but the infomation we have gathered so far is not making things more easy: TAMSK would become even more expensive than it already was. So, no idea yet what we are going to do. For the moment TAMSK remains an open question... Hopefully we'll be able to tell you more after the fair in Nürnberg.

Plenty of YINSH in Brettspielwelt
An online games olympiad has taken place on Brettspielwelt (BSW), with, amongst plenty of other games, also YINSH on the program. 32 players signed up for the online YINSH Olympiad tournament. The competition was played according to the knock out format, spread over 3 days. In the end, after 17 games, *Romario* (the nr. 3 seat in BSW) appeared to have the best condition and sharpest wits. He won the final against Thoth (the nr. 4). For the details, go to the page with the results of all the games played.

The regular players in BSW have already claimed DVONN as *their* game. A good illustration of that is what happened a few months ago during the DVONN WC in Eindhoven: the top 5 were BSW-players from Germany. Only one way to describe their performance: they overpowered the others! Now, will they do the same with YINSH? I must say, they are unfolding quite a bit of YINSH activity in BSW. I have been watching some of the good players there, and their play was impressive! More over, *spielteufelchen* has founded a YINSH Guild and recently some of the hooked dudes have set up a YINSH League. In fact, *two* League competitions have been started already. In other words: are the BSW-players on their way to become as dominant in YINSH as they already are in DVONN? If you want to know more about these activities, you can visit the Guild's website, have a look at the League's schedules, or contact Romario to register for the next competitions in the YINSH League.

New GIPF and ZÈRTZ rankings

Aha! Finally! About time! The new rankings are online! In particular the new GIPF-rankings are worth to have a look at: Ad Rovers (NL) makes a giant leap and snatches the 2nd place. Yoshi Ikkai (J) remains the number one. Do you copy, Belgians? Le Maître des Points has also carried through a correction and reduced the ELO points of players who did not play in a tournament since more than two years with, respectively, 50 or 100 points. For more details, go to the
GIPF and/or the ZÈRTZ  rankings.

Note: Le Maître des Points (de man behind the rankings) has made a few adjusments to the GIPF rankings! You find more info about it on the page of the GIPF rankings. If the given explanation is not sufficient, feel free to get in touch with Le Maître himself:

YINSH on Richard's PBeM server

First GIPF, then ZÈRTZ, then DVONN, then TAMSK, and then ZÈRTZ+11 (i.e. with 11 extra rings). Now Lyman Hurd wrote whatever was needed to also play YINSH on Richard's Play by E-mail Server. Thanks, Lyman!

BTW: Richard's PBeM Server is the only place on the internet where you can play all 5 games of Project GIPF. Thanks Richard!
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