Dec. 16, 2005   PÜNCT released during Spiel '05 in Essen (D)
Play PÜNCT on the www

Multi-games-tournament in the Netherlands
Gambit reigns in France
ZÈRTZ on Boîte à Jeux
YINSH gets *Seal of Excellence*
Sept. 11, 2005   And the name is: PÜNCT
June 19, 2005   Last game is coming up...
... but GIPF Set 3 postponed
Online GIPF league
New site to play YINSH
2 signed copies of GIPF with original test-pieces
TAMSK: hourglasses & new rule
March 7, 2005   Michael Reitz *Project GIPF Champion* in Cannes
Feb. 18, 2005   At last: TAMSK will be reprinted
Jan. 18, 2005   Program *Project GIPF Championship* in Cannes
Yoshi Ikkai (J) remains the strongest Gipfer
New GIPF and ZÈRTZ rankings
Results e-ZÈRTZ and ZÈRTZ league


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