Regulations Problem Solving Championship MSO3

1. Each of the (12) problems has the same starting point: White wins the game in at most 6 moves. There will be no further specification of any of the problems.

2. White is to play. The task, for each problems, is to find what White should play with his next move in order to force a win. Only one move must be noted down (i.e. the first move of the sequence against which Black has no defense).

3. The move that should be found, must concern White's shortest possible win. A move which introduces a win with a certain number of moves is incorrect if there is another way to win with less moves.

4. If there are 2 or more solutions with the same number of moves, then any of these solutions is sufficient.

5. A win is either capturing Black's last GIPF-piece, or making Black run out of pieces. For further details, we refer to the GIPF rulebook and to the appendix with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

6. The participants have a maximum of 2 hours to solve the 12 problems.

7. Each participant will get a game of GIPF at his/her disposal.

8. You will find all the specifications about how a move should be noted down on the next pages. (See NOTATIONS.)

9. The winner:

  • Each correct answer scores 1 point. The player with the highest score, wins the championship.
  • If two or more players have the same score, then the player with the fewest incorrect answers gets the advantage.
  • If 2 or more players have the same score and the same number of incorrect answers, then time will make the difference. The participant who used the least time looking for the solutions, gets the advantage.
  • If there would still be a tie after these 3 criteria are applied, then the respective participants end exactly equal, except for the top 3 places. A tie in the top 3 will be decided with a play off: the participants will get to solve a 13th problem; the first to find the solution, wins the play off.

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