The rules

1. The contest will consist of 6 GIPF-puzzles, that will be put on line on Sunday, October 7, at exactly 16:00 Greenwich Mean Time. (The count down timer on the home page of this site will give you an idea when that will be, but participants are adviced to look for their own source to check the exact GMT time.)
2. The question to be answered is the same for all 6 puzzles: which move must White make to start a sequence of at most 6 moves against which Black will have no defence? In other words: it is White's turn; what must he play to win with maximally 6 moves? The solution must be the shortest possible winning sequence.
3. You must only note down White's first move. We advise you to use the standard way of noting down a move, but you may use any method, so long as what you send us is unquestionably clear and not open to any other interpretation than the correct solution.
4. You have 7 days to send us your solutions. The contest closes exactly one week after its start, thus on Sunday, October 14, at 16:00 GMT.
5. Use the standard answer sheet to let us know your solutions. Only 1 - one! - answer sheet is allowed per participant and per e-mail address.

The prizes: 3 DVONN-prototypes

The prototypes will consist of a handmade board and box, and a rare set of test-pieces (i.e. pieces that were manufactured before the shape and colour of the eventual DVONN pieces were determined). The boxes will be signed and dated.
1. The first participant to send in 6 correct solutions, wins the first prototype.
2. The winner of the second prototype will be draw randomly from all the participants who send in 6 correct solutions before 16:00 GMT on Sunday, October 14. (That is, all the participants except the winner of the first prototype.)
3. The winner of the third prototype will be drawn randomly from all the participants (except the winners of the first two prototypes) who send in at least one correct solution before 16:00 GMT on Sunday, October 14.

Force majeur

1. We have no experience with this kind of on line contest. We'll do whatever we can to prepare the contest thoroughly. But apart from that, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope that we won't have to deal with technical or electronic problems. E.g. in the last few weeks we had quite a bit of trouble with our provider again. In case something beyond our power should interfere with the competition, then we'll just simplify the contest and make it a "lottery" all the way. An "innocent hand" will draw 3 names out of a pool of all the participants. If the problems are of such a kind that even that is not possible, then… No idea. We refuse to consider that possibility yet!
2. The given puzzles will be thoroughly checked, but one never knows… Two things can go wrong: either a puzzle can have a second correct answer, or a solution for a puzzle may prove to be incorrect, meaning that there is no solution for that puzzle. With the permission of you all, we would like to call that, too, as something beyond our power… In the first case there's not really a problem: a second solution will also be considered as correct and nothing changes. In the second case… No idea. We refuse to consider that possibility yet!

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